How do I justify a Dragonborn Sorcerer that looks like a Human?

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Hey guys.

I'm making a Dragonborn Sorcerer but in particular I want him to look like a human. My issue is thinking up of a cool/riveting reason for his appearance.

The basic premise of what I'm imagining is this human looking sorcerer that maybe had a spell cast on him in his past where his Dragonborn appearance/self is locked inside himself. Like he's 5'9" and looks like he weighs anywhere from 160-170lbs but actually weighs a cool 200-300lbs. Roleplaying-wise if you look at my character's shadow in the sun it's the shadow of a more familiar humongous Dragonborn guy despite him looking the way he does.

Alternatively, I could go another route depending on the backstory I come up with for him and just say that his appearance is the result of a spell he casts on himself because he likes looking human for some reason (a reason I'll have to think up of).

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
I actually had an NPC like this once, so I'll just tell you the basics of his backstory (what I can remember) and you can work from there, taking what you like.

Drake (no, that wasn't his actual name, but I honestly don't remember what it was) was born a human nearly 1000 years ago (or however long in your campaign) in the ancient empire of Arkhosia.  Back then, humans weren't exactly slaves in the empire, but they also weren't first-class citizens either.  Drake had a bit of sorcerous talent, but would never be able to get anywhere in life due to his race.  Therefore, when a secret branch of the Arkhosian government came to him with an offer of a dangerous and experimental procedure that would lead to a better quality of life, he jumped at the chance.

If there was one problem that a dragon-run empire had, it was that they were not truly immortal creatures.  Add that to the rising death-tally due to their war with Bael Turath and even the powerful dragons were beginning to fear death.  So they began looking for an answer.  Using secret techniques they managed to "snatch" the souls of a few powerful dragons before they had gone on to their afterlives.  But barring true necromancy, they had little they could do with them, and they weren't ready to begin delving into those dark arts just yet.  So they began to work on an alternative, at least a temporary one.  They would use living creatures as containers until such time as they could truly resurrect a dragon.  For their first experiments they sought out humans with the raw talent of sorcery already to handle the immense arcane energies such a vessel would need to contain.  And humans were expendable, after all.

Thus Drake became their first test-subject.  And everything went according to plan.   At least, at first.  Drake woke, a new voice inside his head (and making him take on draconic traits personality-wise, like hoarding treasure) and immense magical power at his disposal.  When they tried the experiment again, however, it failed to "take" and the energies ripped through the lab, annihilating everything and everyone, except for Drake.  Due to the powerful spirit residing inside his flesh, he was instead thrust through both space and time to arrive in the current time period for the campaign (whatever that may be).  Now he is alone, except for the other soul which rests inside his body.  His knowledge is mostly from eons past, and so he travels the world, doing whatever he can to aid others (he especially hates oppression of any kind, seeing as his race was oppressed in the past) and learning as much as he can about this new world where humans are no longer second-class citizens, but there's also no empire of light to push back the darkness.

So stat-wise, he was a dragonborn sorcerer.  But as you can see, he was human with an extra soul and magic.  I do this all the time, for me, race and class are just mechanics on which you lay your character.
Anyway, if it gives you some ideas, have at.  :D
Why not have it be a half dragon instead of a Dragonborn? Some dragons can take humanoid forms, and past editions have had humans that display draconic qualities due to a dragon mating with their human parent, so it would make sense enough from a flavor standpoint without needing drastic changes in the mechanics.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
Here's an idea:

Norak hatched from an egg found by a group of human farmers and was raised by them. He developed great talent with arcane magic, but was ostracized by society because of his draconic appearance, as the people of the town were terrified of a powerful dragon that resided in the mountains looming over their town. Norak was eventually driven away from his home, and on his travels came across a powerful wizard who offered him a solution: use a glamour spell to alter his appearance. Norak accepted, and worked with the wizard to create a nearly infallible spell that would alter his appearance. He is now indebted to the wizard and carries out his wishes.
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