4e conversion for Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil?

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Has anyone done one? I'm thinking of beginning a new campaign with Dungeon 214's "Elder Elemental Eye" and am looking for inspiration for follow up adventures. Thanks!
The Elder Elemental Eye, or Dungeon 211's The Village of Hommlet?

I'd reccommend the latter. 

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Thanks, Ogiwan. I have both of those adventures. As my first post indicates, I'm planning to start with Elder Elemental Eye. I may incorporate elements from 211's Hommlet, but I'm looking for a longer arc and I especially like some of the elements of the Ruined Moathouse from RttToEE so I don't want to use the Dungeon 211 adventure whole cloth.

I'm mostly interested in if anyone has converted (at least sections of) RttToEE to 4e or has ideas for published adventures that can be tweaked and refitted to serve in place of some of the adventure locales in that 3e adventure. For example, I think sections of DU 204's Pearl of the Sea Mother could work for the Water Temple, with DU 198's Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane for the Earth Temple, Du 200's Halls of the Fire Giant King for the Fire Temple. (No DU adventure jumps out at me as serving well for the Air Temple, however.)

Any other thoughts? 
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