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Wow, first post . . . how 'bout that - how y'all doing out there, people?!

Question: Is there a good way to filter content in DungeonDragon, or the Compendium by topical subject, e.g. swamp, halfling, ruins?

In a first pass, I've just been using the search filter in the compendium (with mixed success) based on the keyword - I still have to do quite of bit of drilling down into the specific content by pulling-up the Compendium listing, making a note of the editon and page numbers, e.g. Dungeon #165, p.22, then actually downloading the pdf, and reviewing the content to see if it matches what I'm looking for.

My goal here is to use a filter to easily locate and match content to a particular theme, for example (from above), content that has swamp-based encounters, is specifically applicable to a halfling setting, or may have setting elements located in and around ruins.

How do I best do this?
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The  DDi Compendium has a filter, but its more to single out category or source of material than to exclude them. The Character Builder also has a filter to exclude content from browse and search as well as a search function. 

The best way would be to search for specific keywords on desired subject i guess. 

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That's too bad - DDI is a fantastic resource but is a bit like drinking from a firehose, there's just so much content.

To explain further, I am looking for ways to target specific encounters, monsters, setting elements, terrain features, etc. in order to help me build out my campaign.  Searching as above has already returned some good hits - I'll continue to refine my DDI skills as I'm really just beginning to use the various tools.

Thanks for your response, Plaguescarred.  And, if others have any suggestions, hints, and/or advice on squeezing the most out of the interface, please post.