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Hello! I run a 3.5 D&D game up in Mercerburg PA and we're in a desperate need of someone who can devote, at the very least, every other Sunday to our group (we play every week, but I understand that being a grown-up sucks). At this point, they have a human sorcerer, an elven druid, a half-orc ranger, a human knight, and a human cleric. The knight is about to move to Arizona in a month or so, but we may still be able to Skype him once he gets settled. The cleric is a bit of a flake and has cancelled on us all last month. My 13-year old niece may be joining us for the summer, but our sorcerer friend likes to sit her in front of video games to shame our button-smasher ranger.
Right now, they're in desperate need of a cleric or thief, but you can choose anything within reason.
We usually share a meal and stop for Game of Thrones as we start around 2pm-ish and go to until about 10pm-ish. If this seems reasonable, let me know!

Well that's about the last city name I expected to see anywhere, lol. I grew up there.
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