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Been looking for a good race for either a sorcerer or wizard character, and I was really struck by the roleplay potential of the Bullywug. After reading about their primitive lifestyle as swamp dwelling savages, I came up with the idea for my new character. He's an ambitious, Evil aligned character who has discovered the power of magic and left his homeland to build his power and knowledge, with intents to return and introduce his kinsmen to the gift of tyranny, and transform the scattered Bullywug tribes into an empire.

Thoughts, criticisms? Would it be better for him to be from a role play perspective, a wizard, or a dragon soul sorcerer?  What would be an appropriate deity?
My only criticism would be that bullywugs aren't intended to be PCs, their monsters that have been given a racial entry primarily for the use of DMs to make NPC characters tharen't readily available, other then that it sounds like an interesting idea. From a roleplay perspective, I think it would determine on how he intially discovered arcane power. If he discovered one day out of the blue, such as on a hunting expedition or in a fit of emotion playing a sorcerer would make more sense from a flavour point of view, wizard would be better if say he was rifling through a recently defeated adventring party's gear and came across an arcane treatise or even the team wizard's spellbook.

If he is evil, then his diety would probably be either evil or unaligned as well, I would suggest a deity of skill or arcane magic, Ioun or Bane both sound appropriate. Of course, he could also venerate some unheard of diety that is unique to bullywugs, at which point you could make your own deity , he could even revere a primordial or devil if you felt it appropriate.

Hope that helps. 
Well, since MM2 gives some specific stats for a Bullywug PC I really wouldn't dismiss this one. Seems like a fun class to play actually.

As for the actual question:
First make sure all the players and especially the DM agree with you playing an evil aligned character. Maybe in a full evil campaign it might work, or anything like that. If not everyone is on board consider playing a Bullywug with noble motives. Might be just as much fun (especially if his native society disagrees with him on his morality).

As for the character I'd go with a sorcerer. Bullywugs are mostly creatures of chaos, which fits the Sorcerer type most of all. I really wouldn't see a Bullywug as a book-type.
As for playing him it's best to focus on what qualities he would bring to his team. Bullywugs are described as cruel and destrucive, so make sure your character has actualy reasons to work together with others.
As his ultimate goal is to build a new civilization of evil and cruelty, perhaps he could worship Asmodeus and try to do his bidding. Eventually trying to become powerful enough to force the 'good' civilizations to their knees. Maybe he is trying to use the party to start his own private army, loyal only to the to-be-formed Bullywug empire?
Unfortunately the Bullywug racial rules are not good. That being said I've still played one before. I pitched a Bullywug article to Dragon but they weren't interested. I was thinking of making an Epic path that turned you into a Slaad. Since my character idea was to have Bullywugs originally created by magically combining humans (or maybe other race) and a giant toad/frog, I was planning another Epic path that allowed you to split into two beings. How exactly that would work for game machanics I never got to figuring out.

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