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Hey there! I'm will be hosting an epic campaign online and searching for players. I am reachable here, at garmthechimera on Skype, or at forrest.rinehart@yahoo.com

The campaign will have a "universal" setting, meaning all Official Races and Classes are permitted. Starting levels will be 4th level, Starting equipment will be basic weapon/armor for your class and each player will get a modest Magic Item based on race class after the campaign begins, and starting gold received after first encounter. Plot revealed as Campaign progresses, no spoilers, although there will be skill challenges and multiple environs including: Jungle, Sea, Desert, and Snowy Mountains.

Minimum 4 players - Maximum 6 players

1- Open
2- Open
3- Open
4- Open
5- Open
6- Open

Submit a character sheet to me in any format, but the following are required:

Character Name, Race, Class, Age, Gender (Will have some effect on events), Alightment (Will have some effect on events), Diety, Languages Spoken (Will have some efffect on events), and 1 Paragraph Bio/Background.
Hi, two questions:

- what do you plan to do for maps?
- what time did you have in mind for this game ?
Me and a friend are lookin for a group, we're both mild-moderate experience, this one sounds interesting to me.

Same questions as baldhermit about time and maps, roll20 is good for virtual tabletop if you've ever tried it.

Another question that is pretty important with us (or more realistically, me):

What kind of players are you looking for?  I take dnd psuedo-seriously, it's not a big joke to me, I really enjoying making and playing a character through a good, serious story and such (comic relief is very welcome), but I have a bad tendency for constant dirty humor (usually OC).
Me and a friend are also interested in this. I'd be interested to hear the answers for the questions that have already been asked.
Heya everyone, here are my homebrew threads: (yes there is only one right now, but there are more to come!) And Let There Be Fish-Men: KUO-TOA
I would like to know if you are looking for new players or veterans for your game so we know who you are looking for. If it doesn't matter then I'm in.
Hi i run a large group and am looking for dms for our 20 + ppl player base, we can help you with prep and will bend over backward to setup games the way you want to play, all voice, virtual table, post to play, video its all cool  we have players that will play any thing. there are a few rules but there all the basic stuff to make sure the environment is friendly.

we have a impressive list of tools including a built in dice roller for skype (NO CHEATING!!!!)

contact me if your interested skype name Excile747
I am interested... My email is threelegraven@gmail.com and skype is Matthew Nicholson (mnicholson542) Let me know some details like.. are you still looking lol. This reply goes out to Excile747 and Gimhreadh.....