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Hey, I need a medium-sized umber hulk mini (like a juvenile umber hulk) but I don't think they come that small. Can anyone suggest a medium mini that comes close to an umber hulk?
Hmm... I don't recall anything that is all that close in look.  Perhaps the Xorn. I think that's a medium mini, and it's at least in the same creature genre.

You can always hold up the full sized Umber Hulk and say "It looks like this... but smaller." and then put down a Galeb Durh or Small Earth Elemental. Sometimes you just have to make due.


Check out the Owlbear blog!

What I ussually do if I need a mini for something  I dont have a mini for is Ill just print out a pic cut it out and tape it to some cardboard, modeling clay works alright in a pinch as well.
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Hive Pincer from Dreamblade works as a medium piece.

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