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The final session of season 14 was, for our store, a fantastic ending that was loads of fun. The party was pretty low on healing surges and decided it would not be wise to go up to the roof without fixing that situation. Because of this they took 5 minutes to perform the Comrade's Succor ritual, which distributed all of their healing surges around to everyone. However, because of the wait another Vortex spawned and they were forced to deal with it before moving to the roof.

Once on the roof, their was a brief interaction with Vargas in which they determined that, while he had noble intentions, was quite insane in his actions and made no reservation about their intentions to capture him. They did show sympathy for Karis though, even intending to let her complete the ritual, which she ended up doing in the end. That in itself woul have averted combat most likely, had it not been for Chartillifax swooping in adn forcing the combat on everyone.

In the initial attacks from the villains, the adventurers incurred a lot of damage and things looked bleak right off the bat. However, they were able to rally and do the most damage to Vargas. Had it not been for his two teleports, he would have gone down very quickly. The Villains were able to split so that their attention was spread to three different parties, so that lengthened the fight as well. The two arcane casters discovered the storm attack and were using it on different targets, but finally decided Karis should be it's target. The two fighters were split on one side of the roof with the dragon and everyone else was dealing with Vargas. There was lots of fun with the Paladin and the Bard attempting to fly using the storm winds. Mostly resulting in crash landings. When they finally did a significant amount of damage to the dragon, it was able to get off a successful glare and then fly away and not return. After that they were able to easily overcome Vargas and knock him unconscious. Once that was done, the Paladin made an amazing Diplomacy roll against Karis attempting to talk her down. She decended, running to Vargas' side, ending the combat. Just in time too, because several characters were on the verge of going down.

All in all I thought this was one of the sessions we had. Very unique and fun situation powers coupled with the dramatic setting and story line, not to mention a dragon swooping down at you and crazy wizard powers being cast all over the place. This session was outstanding in my book.

"Well that encounter was, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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