Magic 2014 "Firewave" Decklist and Strategies

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These new reanimation strategies make Chandra sad. Worst matchup next to enchantments?

What about my take on Firewave?




  1. Inferno
  2. Fire Servant
  3. Flamebreak
  4. Grim Lavamancer
  5. Furnace of Rath
  6. Wild Guess
  7. Grim Lavamancer
  8. Sulfuric Vortex
  9. Flames of the Firebrand
  10. Browbeat
  11. Flame Slash
  12. Chandra's Spitfire
  13. Disintegrate
  14. Reverberate
  15. Sulfuric Vortex



  1. Furnace of Rath
  2. Flame Wave
  3. Browbeat
  4. Disintegrate
  5. Cone of Flame






Im thinking of replacing one "Goblin Arsonist" with a second "Fire Servant" and im starting to have second thoughts about "TorchFiends"

utility in this deck since im using 2 of them...

Any info / opinions?




GOD TIER...";(
"Dpad Fighter Forever"


GOD TIER...";(
"Dpad Fighter Forever"


I would take out the 2 torch fiend.  It's nice for that one matchup.....but you ain't running a creature deck and it's not that nice elsewhere.

2 + 2 = fish

I'm testing out a new more aggressive FW.

I don't know how it will do yet any thoughts?


[1v1] "Feel the Burn V1.1"
A library for the Chandra 2014 deck  (Firewave)
60 Cards. 37 nonlands (19 creatures, 18 spells). 23 Lands (23).

   3x Goblin Arsonist
   2x Grim Lavamancer
   1x Flame Slash
   2x Pillar of Flame
   2x Crimson Mage
   3x Kiln Fiend
   1x Slith Firewalker
   1x Stormblood Berserker
   1x Torch Fiend
   1x Final Fortune
   1x Searing Spear
   1x Wild Guess
   2x Chandra's Phoenix
   1x Chandra's Spitfire
   1x Regathan Firecat
   2x Browbeat
   1x Flamebreak
   2x Flames of the Firebrand
   2x Sulfuric Vortex
   1x Cyclops Gladiator
   1x Firewing Phoenix
   2x Chandra's Outrage
   3x Disintegrate

Cards curently in on a test basis are Torch Fiend, Final Fortune, and Regathan Firecat

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I've been running 2 torch fiends in place of 2 goblin arsonists.  I haven't ran into any Samurai yet, but I have blown up several Staves of the Retarded Magus!!!!!    HA, noobs just can't help themselves when it comes to lifegain.   I thought I might be able to catch a few Behemoth Sledges but I seem to be the only person running those since I never see one on the opponents side. 

You're a lose cannon.



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