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So i'm making my second character and i'm having trouble fleshing out a backround.Here's the basic info/general idea

Forgotten Realms 

Name Aurora Not Decided might let the others name her depending on if she's feral for the most part

Race Wildshifter

Class Druid

Diety Selune

Theme Werewolf

Backround Raised by Wolves

When Aurora was a baby her village was slaughtered by an Orc night raid.Desperate to save her child her mother grabbed her daughter  and ran  but not before she was seen by some orcs.Realizing that the orcs would catch and kill her and her baby Aurora's mother franticly searched for a place to hide her child.She luckly saw a small burrow/den leading underground. She gently covered her baby  and carefully slid her into the little den and continued running.Shortly after  she was discovered by the the dens occupants a small pack of wolves.As she was being invstigated the the wolves the area was bathed in bright moonlight.In the clearing the goddes Selune apeared and picked her up and wispered a blessing to Aurora and then did the same to the wolf pack telling them to accept and raise her as one of them.Years lator as a child and having been raised by her adoptive famly of wolves she was once agan visited by Selune.This time she was marked by the Goddess with a faintly glowing full moon on her forhead and was bestowed the gift/curse of Lycanthropy and told that that she would one da be needed by the goddess.

Because she was rased by wolves she can't really speak to others so i gave her the Dark sun wild talent cantrip Thought Projection she she can send out basic messeges(figure the i'l tie this into the moon marking Selune put on her)

and thats about all i can think of  i suppose that leaves alot of details to be made and that where i need help
Seems to me you have a pretty strong background. With the whole wolf theme have her display "wolf" traits often such as protecting your "pack" at all times or possibly trying to take it over at some point. Honestly anything else you might need should fill itself in by the first few sessions.


I like to keep the gods distant so I wouldn't have the god itself appear but an agent of the god maybe a wolf spirit of some sort (but thats me.). Having a god bless you can lead to some really good character driven adventures, like someone wanting to steal away your powers for instance.

Secondly you have a lot of unanswered questions, such as how did she become a druid? Has she met other druids past or present?  Why did she become an adventurer? What are her dreams and aspirations? How does she act in society or in new situations? (Like a wolf, confused and lost or has she acclimated to social norms?)
My advice would be to add something more to your story, what happens after she gets older? Are the wolves intelligent or blessed as well? Did the Orc's ever kill her mother or is she a slave/breeder? etc... The other questions should fill themselves out easily enough.
No wonder the locals hate me.
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