Can we get some higher level humanoids?

I've been setting up a short adventure for level 4 characters, and I've discovered that, when encounter building, most of the humanoid monsters (humans, goblinoids, orcs etc...) are all level 1 or 2, which makes building a gang of raiders or a thug's hideout quite hard, and I'd rather not scale the level of the creatures.

So could we see in future some humanoid creatures all the way from level 1 to 20?

Hey there,

Since this isn't a DM session report I'll be moving it to Playtest Packet Discussion.


It's not in the main Bestiary, but if you look through the other folders in the packet, in the White Plume Mountain Bestiary there is a Human Fighter, 4th level and 10th level.
In the Adventures and pre-gens folder there is also a file called "060713 Against the Slave Lords Bestiary (A-Series)" it is full of many new human/humanoid monsters.  I was excited when I found this.  Lots more options to utilise for adventures.
Thanks for the tip. I hope the encounter building info (level & XP) is standardised soon.
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