How to play a follower of Selûne?

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I will be playing a character in a new campaign starting around lvl 2 and I chose a hybrid cleric ranger. (4th edition)

The problem I'm having though is that after I chose to be a follower of Selûne I couldn't find that much about how that should translate in how I should play the character. What are common rituals? What would be common knowledge about the Moonmaiden and what might be something you know as a player only? How does a temple of the moon typicly look like? What would be a normal prayers and at what occasions would they be used?

I mean I can find texts about Selûne, but they are mostly about her history and her relations to other gods and a little bit about her goals. Not much about things concerning everyday life as a worshipper.

Anyhow some information about the campaign and the character I will be playing so far:
I don't know a lot about the campaign setting yet. My Dm told me it was going to start in a rather rural area with some small villages and a lot of forests. It will be a two man campaign (the reason I went hybrid). My character will be a human that sees himself as someone who has taken up the sword for Selûne, but is rather pragmatic about it and feels the formal ways of the paladin orders are more for the big city folk.

I am sure there are people here who have already played a divine character of the Moonmaiden and I was hoping to leech some of that experience. *chuckles*

Thanks in advance

PS: I have little experience roleplaying divine characters so I might be over thinking it, but I would like to feel prepared so I won't do something strange that would not fit the general image of the faith of Selûne.

 The day-to-day details of religion aren't covered in 4E - they leave it up to the individual DMs and players.


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Well I have found the following wiki's

Though they don't give a lot of clues to everyday life it's a start

And found an adventure that sounds promising

But seeing Selûne is also the moon one never knows I suppose. ;) It might have a preistess of Selûne in it or other references to the faith. Will try to get it.

I like to think that as a moon goddess that she would be open to prayers under the moonlight.Maybe this site can help
Two things- for a Ranger|Cleric, Sehanine is probably better, due to all the Moonbow stuff, and the old 3.5 Deities and Demigods may or may not have what you're looking for, if not, look at any other deity in there, and there's sections on their 'Dogma,' and how they interact with/influence their followers.
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Perhaps Sehanine would be better to be honest I haven't really windowshopped the gods for their feats and powers. It will be a melee ranger though. I'll have a look though at the feats and such. Even when I go Selûne there might be feats my DM wont mind me taking becuase it's so obviously moonrelated.
As I said I don't know much about the setting yet my DM is chosing so I haven't talked to him about the pantheon he is chosing. Although I am pretty sure he isn't suddenly chosing for an olympian pantheon or something I am still keeping in the back of my head that Selûne wont be an option.  I know for sure I am going the moongodess or the closest thing to it though.
That would be Sehanine if he wants to limit it to the PHB1 gods for example.

That really helped thank you. A lot of the information I had already read, but definately more of the information I can use while playing a follower of Selûne. Will just have to fill in the rest myself. The fact that Selûne's followers are described as worshiping Selûne in several different ways makes it easier to fill in the blanks.
Selune's portfolio includes the moon, starlight, magic, and good lycanthropes.

In terms of rituals/daily life, your character should pray at night, pref outdoors where he can see the moon and stars. 

He must seek out shapeshifters and lycanthropes, help the good ones.  He should try to convert the evil ones to Selune's worship, or kill or drive them out if he can't. 

As a cleric/ranger, he is also responsible for helping and healing animals and travellers. 

His clothing and weapons should bear Selune's crest, which can be found in many 3.5 or 4E Faerun campaign setting books. 

In daily life, he should try to champion the underdogs and downtrodden.  He should also respect magic and magical creatures.  You could reflavour his cleric powers to feature starlight or moonlight, and try to pick radiant damage where you can.  His bonus language could be Elven, as most sylvan creatures speak Elven.  You could play him as a gnome, pixie, satyr, elf, eladrin or shifter, all races that fit this particular archetype I think...

As far as a temple of Selune goes, whether it is in a city or outdoors, it would be in an open space so that worshippers can clearly see the moon and stars.  In a city, this could be a grove in a park.  The temple could have magical creatures such as faerie dragons as guardians.  It could be a refuge for good-aligned lycanthropes, or possibly for elves and gnomes.  Clothing and artifacts might use silver and moonstones for decoration. Faerun campaign sourcebooks can give you other options.

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