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Hey guys, I've posted a lot of threads today trying to find some help with this, but no replies yet T.T
I'm trying to make a lvl 50 character for my buddy's 3.5 campaign, and I've wracked my mind for hours on end trying to figure out the perfect class combo.
For starters, my friend is a Goliath Monk Soul Eater, and my brother is a Tiefling Rogue Assassin.
Since I'm going to be the party leader, I am hoping for something tankish.
Now, I play an Elf on almost every game >.> so this is a huge step for me, but one I want to take.
The campaign has no restrictions on level adjustment, but I'm hoping not to be some horrible monstrocity of a race.
Any feedback on this would be very much appreciated! :D
You'd have better luck in the Previous Edition Forums.
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