Silly question

Hey gang,

I was trying to set up a character for the June 15th day of play and just need a little bit of clarifaction. During character creation do you gain the benefits of both the racial traits as well as those of the sub-race? I can really see it going either way and really want to make sure I do it correctly since I am all about creating legit characters that are not over/under powered. Especially since I might be running a table instead of playing, don't want to give those who wish to set up their characters bad information.

Thanks in advance!
Yup, you get both.
Sweet, that is what I thought! Glad to see that I am not such a nit-wit. And thanks for the quick response.
The other thing to keep in mind that I've seen some confusion on is that if your race or class gives you skills or feats as part of the race/class, those are in addition to, not in place of, the skills and feats you select as part of your background and specialty.