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I know that Castle Ravenloft and  the other D&D board games can be used well together but has anyone tried making stats so that you can use your old minis in the game. ?
I haven't, but I know it's been done before.

More frequently, though, I suspect folks just trade out the unpainted D&D board game minis for painted D&D Minis.

In case you don't aleady know, the "Dungeon Command" games are designed to be a stand-alone board game system, but they do include painted miniatures, cards and rules that are designed to work with "Castle Ravenloft", "Wrath of Ashardalon", and "Legend of Drizzt", as well as tiles that interlock exactly with those in "Castle Ravenloft" etc.

The "Dungeon Command" monster sets are great for adding some new monsters into the mix, but the set of heroes is the most dramatic of these expansions, and includes a set of rules for using these heroes as allies in "Castle Ravenloft" and the rest.

If you like "Castle Ravenloft", you're bound to like the Dungeon Command sets, too
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Thanks for that will pick up a couple of packs and will mix some of my sons favourite mini into the game though if we use my favourite mini of the collossal red dragon it may tip the game up but ththeir on his face when I place it on the table will be priceless
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