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D&D Insider ArticleDungeon 214  

By Christopher Perkins, Robert J. Schwalb, Craig Campbell, Peter Sleijpen and Chris Sims

This month, we get to explore one of the first D&D dungeons ever created and experience it in a whole new light: featuring the Dungeon! Fantasy Board Game. Plus, the Elder Elemental Eye! 
We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dungeon 214!

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My adventure, "Dark Lantern," is live. Very happy. The illustrations and maps are awesome. Kudos to the artists for making my adventure even more awesome.

Craig Campbell
I really like Dark Lantern. The adventure is a little linear but it look like a fun pursuit adventure in a rather awesome setting. I also like the adventure format divided in acts. I thought the Sylvander's Lair's dimension door paintings were pretty cool. I wonder why Mazius Tower's Guardian Door wasn't made into a trap instead of the format used. The maps and artwork are pretty nice too.

Also In Coming Next Month, there will be an epic adventure and a first edition adventure:

The Last Slave Lord
By Robert J. Schwalb
The Slave Lords are dead, yet one survives! Journey
to a lost monastery to end the vile threat once
and for all. This 1st Edition AD&D™ adventure
for characters of levels 6–9 can be run as a
standalone scenario or as a sequel to the classic
“A” series adventures. It also includes 4th Edition
conversion notes.

Thanks, Plaguescarred.

Dark Lantern was an assignment project. Chris Perkins developed the story and NPCs in basic form for me. He wanted to write it, but just didn't have the time, so he called on me.

Yes, it's a bit linear, but there are a lot of choices the characters can make to discover the larger plot beyond the stolen gold. Chris envisioned it as a Bond film for D&D. Hence the basic stolen gold plot ultimately being revealed to be something much larger. And the adventure stretching across multiple locations, sort of an "international feel" just like how Bond travels from one interesting locale to another, discovering more and more of what the villain is really up to. The "Act" structure was also a result of it being a "movie in D&D form."

Only the basics of each act were defined for me. Sylvander's dimension door paintings, Kassia's relationship to the skeletons, and Mazius' tower being a metaphor for the mage's broken body and mind were all my design.

The door to Mazius' tower could have been a trap, but I decided to make it sort of a construct creature. A DM could easily give it some "trap qualities" like how to disarm it or delay its capabilities.

And I'm thrilled with the artwork, the maps in particular. They look, read, and feel like a matched set of maps one might find in a cartographer's folio.

Craig Campbell
One other thing on the "Bond movie for D&D" thing. There are "Bond girls" in the adventure. Selair, Alyphe, and Jaela are all strong, capable women who aid the heroes at various points in the adventure. :-)
Thanks Craig for chiming in on the design process, very insightful! Thanks to Chris Perkins as well then! I'll tell him he should call you more : ))

Full on 007 inspiration indeed!, love it! Eberron and the Dark Lantern (Royal Eyes of Aundair as well) was a perfect match for this type of scenario IMO. Well the   
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