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After downloading the newest Dungeon Magazine, I saw that there was a 1-3rd level adventure called The Elder Elemental Eye. I scanned it, and was very happy to discover that this is the Encounters material from a season or so ago.

I do not get to participate in Encounters, due to the night of the week that it happens, and have been one of the many people asking for Encounters material to be released after the season ends. I have even been willing to buy it if it were to be collected in a book/module format (maybe complete with all Battle Maps?!) but to see it unheralded in the latest issue of Dungeon was a truthfully welcome surprise.

Thank you, WotC! For the first time in quite a while, I feel like my subscription for this month is justified. I got something I am very interested in looking through, reading and running, and did not expect it at all.

Now, if we could just get the REST of them!! But I will take what I have gotten this month happily.

So many PCs, so little time...
I really enjoy too!

There was also previous D&D Encounters seasons Beyond The Crystal Cave in Dungeon 211.

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