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I want to bring something different to FNM tonight and have some fun, so here's an Izzet list I've been tweaking. I got the idea from a recent thread by decktesting54 and it seems like fun, so here's the list:

Basically, I just want to be aggressive and burn whatever hits the battlefield and swing in. The Pike is probably my best wincon, so that's why Artful Dodge and Spell Rupture are in the main deck.

The sideboard is completely theoretical, so I'll explain some of the choices. Tormod's is my reanimator hate, the extra Pillar is for Voice decks, Treason/Scatter/Turn are for the various midrange decks that drop value creatures I can't burn profitably, Negate is for control decks, and Aetherize is for token decks.

I'm playing this tonight, as I mentioned, so any last-minute advice you can give would be great. I'm not expecting much from the deck, but I would like to play some fun matches where I don't get blown out. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money on a casual deck, but still suggest the best cards possible; who knows, the deck could surprise me! Thanks.
have you considered adding green for Quirion dryad and Simic charm?
I have 4x Stomping Ground and 4x Rootbound Crag, but no Breeding Pools or Hinterland Harbors, so I don't think I could build a decent enough manabase for a deck that's very blue-dependent. Simic Charm would be awesome to have, though, I must admit.
I really think you need more than 10 creatures. Anything with a decent amount of spot removal could be pretty rough.
Well, I do have the four Krenko's Command for some tokens (10/1 first-strike gobbos are sexy), but I do agree. An earlier Izzet deck I had ran 3x Talrand's Invocation, but I don't think that's an option for a deck running only 20 land. I really like my 27 instants/sorceries, so token generation is preferable.

Any suggestions?
Augur of Bolas would be my first thought, although I don't see the benefit of sticking only to UR when you can just go American and play GoST / Restoration Angel
Because I don't own those cards.

Plus, I'm looking to do something a little janky for some fun, as I stated in the OP. I definitely think Augur deserves a few slots here, though. Having a decent blocker that digs for pieces seems pretty sweet, and any creature is a threat with a Pike stapled onto it.

But how many, and what to cut? My gut tells me to go with three copies and shave the two counterspells plus an Izzet Charm, then retool the SB a bit.

Aetherize is too slow and with 10 creatures spell rupture is bad. I'd nix the ruptures and add some frostburn weirds, two in the board and two on the side, for your creature-heavy matchups.

If you do that, you might also consider dropping a charm for another dodge.

Kinda want some enchantment hate in the SB for your Bant Auras matchup, but I'm drawing a blank. 

I found Carmen Sandiego before you were born unless you're Zlehtnoba.

Redirect could be cute, but I'd need a creature of my own to steal the enchantment. I'll consider the Weirds.

You don't think Aetherize has value against token decks? I considered Rolling Temblor, but it misses a lot of stuff and nukes my goblin tokens and unflipped Delvers.
What about Fluxcharger? Is 4cmc too high to include it as a 2-of?
I saw someone playtesting a far more budget version of this at a store last night, but he had Blistercoil Weird and Weapon Surge and such. It played out like a storm deck, I watched him unblockable 20 his opponent in a single turn.
If there's a lot of token decks in your meta you should probably be playing unsummon over some of this stuff, no? Though I suppose Aetherize might actually be ok against a bant auras deck.

I'm making a pauper izzet deck that's 4 delvers, cyclopses, weirds, and fluxchargers... but I top out 22. A T5 swing with double 'clops and a charger and artful dodge+flashback is usually gg. 

I found Carmen Sandiego before you were born unless you're Zlehtnoba.

Due to time restrictions, I going to run the list in the OP tonight, except I'll be adding three Augurs and cutting both Spell Rupture and a Think Twice. I'll use the advice here plus my experience tonight to craft version 2.0.
Due to time restrictions, I going to run the list in the OP tonight, except I'll be adding three Augurs and cutting both Spell Rupture and a Think Twice. I'll use the advice here plus my experience tonight to craft version 2.0.

I personally like the idea of think twice, since it's a single card that can provide two activations for Nivix Cyclops. That's an "in theory" like tho, I haven't even sleeved my pauper version up yet.

I found Carmen Sandiego before you were born unless you're Zlehtnoba.

The Scours/Augurs give me enough draw to feel comfortable at two copies, but we'll see how it goes tonight.
So I played four rounds of Standard last night with this deck going 2-2 and having a blast in the process. I think the deck has the potential to be semi-competitive with a bit of tweaking, so here are some match reports:

Round 1 vs. Reanimator (0-2) - Angel of Serenity is a busted card and rolled me in two straight. Tormod's Crypt is decent graveyard hate, but I didn't see it in game 2. I'm not sure what can be done about Angel, though, because hardcasting it is well within that deck's reach and counterspells don't hurt them at all. Tough matchup.

Round 2 vs. Mono-red Goblins (2-0) - Yes, you read that correctly. This deck was pretty janky, but it was fast and utilized Battle Hymn to feed Burn at the Stake and smashed me pretty hard early in both games. In game two I untapped at 1 life with Nivix Cyclops and an unflipped Delver of Secrets, but I hit the trigger and cast Pillar, Dodge, flashback Dodge, flashback Think Twice to get four Cyclops triggers and swing for 16 unblockable. Epic win.

Round 3 vs. American Possibility Storm (1-2) - So in game 1 I learned that Curse of Exhaustion plus Possibility Storm equals I can't cast spells. LOL! I get a T2 Delver flip in game 2 and cast Pike that turn and kill him quickly. Reckoner plus Act killed me in game 3.

Round 4 vs. BUG undying (2-1) - this was basically Niche's deck at its core, but it ran both Farseek and Dreg Mangler, which kind-of belong in two different decks. I was hurting pretty bad in game 1 at 4 life with a lone Cyclops on board and just a Dodge in hand, but I topdeck the second Dodge and cast it four times to swing for 13 unblockable and win. Epic. I lose game 2 due to double Vorapede, that thing is ridiculous. Game 3 I drew 3 Pillar in my opener and wrecked his early undying dudes while he flooded out and beat him with Augur/Snapcaster combat damage over four turns.

Now it's time for Studs 'n' Duds!


Nivix Cyclops is ridiculous with cheap instants/sorceries to buff him. Wow.

Runechanter's Pike was the card I most wanted to draw all night because it's just awesome. Wow.

Artful Dodge lets that Cyclops or anything with a Pike hit hard reliably, I have to go to three copies. Awesome.

Izzet Charm is so good and should see more play. It's very versatile, and if it's ever 'dead', you can just loot instead. Awesome.

Turn // Burn is insane. It lets my 1/1 goblin token nuke a Thragtusk and nullifies the LtB, or simply provides reach. Wow.


Delver of Secrets is too unreliable for me. It's downside is bigger than its upside in this deck, so I think he's getting cut for something more consistent. Cyclops is the star here.

Augur of Bolas is damn fine blocker, and the draw is nice, but he shipped a lot of Snapcasters/Pikes to the bottom of my library. Frostburn Weird seems like the better two-drop for an aggressive strategy.


A common suggestion from the playerbase was Armed // Dangerous.

Anyway, I just wrote all that with one hand because my little girl is sleeping on the other one, and so I'm done!

Comments/suggestions welcome!
i see your having problems with decks that can throw down bigger creatures, I'd advice adding clone  to the sideboard in place of the act of treasons you have, it can help you deal with those reanimator decks, by simply playing their creature against them or against midrange decks by buying you time enough to get your combo off.

I know that augur of bolas  might have hurt you in the last FNM but i wouldn't drop him as of yet, hes way too valuable as an early game blocker and he helps you look for cards, hes a very solid utility, the best way to think about it is that he may have just put your snapcaster/pikes on the bottem of your library, but that doesn't mean there arn't other cards to help you deal with the situation you are dealing with; it might seem like hes hurting you but in the long run he'll end up helping you more than hurting you. not to mention theres not really much better of a choice at the moment, a 1/3 blocker that helps you dig a little is better than a 1/4 blocker that can change his attack and toughness.

i'd also run 4 turn // burn  in the mainboard, as you've seen the card is amazing, its too versatile not to be running 4 of in the mainboard, kills early game offensive creature and late game monsters all in one card.

has spell rupture  been working in this deck? later in the game it feels like it could turn into a hard counter with runechanter's pike  on a creature but early game it feels like you won't have enough creatures to make it work efficently and if it does work it will only be for 1 mana.

has the 20 lands been working out for you? I know the mana curve is low but you often times want to cast multiple cards in one turn so 20 lands might be a little low for your needs, i would advice bumping it up one; on that note you might want to consider desolate lighthouse, it gives you draw when you need it plus if feeds cards to your runechanter's pike  and snapcaster mage, at worst its a mana sink for when your running low on cards.

you should look into adding mizzium mortars  to the deck or at least the sideboard, lots of naya decks are running loxodon smiters mainboard and on the sideboard for red aggro match ups because searing spear  is the main form of removal right now and they know it, that 4 damage can be the difference between a win and a lose, not to mention later in the game it can act as a sweeper against your enemy and a cheap buff for your nivix cyclops.
I didn't play Spell Rupture at all, but I think it would have been good to have at least one, or maybe two in there.

I found 20 land to be sufficient, honestly, I had very few mana issues last night. I only mulliganed once all night, and there was one game where I didn't get a red source early enough and fell behind.

I think the Delvers/Augurs are going to get cut, though, and I'm thinking about raising the curve (and land count) slightly.

And about Mortars, I have honestly never seen a Smiter hit the table. Ever. Naya is not played here at all, it's all Jund/Junk midrange with Swagtusk everywhere. With that said, if I raise the land count, then the sweeper mode becomes an option and I may consider it.

Don't laugh, but I'm considering 2x Hypersonic Dragon as a curve-topper. I'm too poor for Thundermaw! :p

Clone over Act of Treason may very well be the better choice, but I was impressed with Treason last night when I boarded it in. It lets the Cyclops and/or Pike get through and can flat-out end the game on the spot. Maybe I can squeeze them both in there?

Thanks for the advice, as usual.
have you thought about how turn three cyclops, turn four 1cmc instant/sorcery+dragonshift would affect your aggro deck?
the deck I saw would play something like Artful Dodge, cyclops's ability went on the stack, then turn him into a dragon that still gets the +3/+0
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no naya midrange at your local game store? THIS IS MADNESS!!!
Another card I've never seen hit the table is BTE; I see RDW from time to time, but no dedicated blitz decks.
Another card I've never seen hit the table is BTE; I see RDW from time to time, but no dedicated blitz decks.

Those RDW decks you've been seeing must not like to build them for speed if you're not seeing BTE or most likely they just got extremely unlucky and never saw BTE in those matches.
There a a few mono-red decks with Stromkirk/Ash Zealot/Reckoner/Hellrider etc. They tend to top out at Thundermaw, which is a mistake, IMO, because the have to run too much land to support it.

Made changes in the quote, you made a good choice in wanting the weird added since if you get flooded by chance you can still remain aggressive. I also added in the temblors because it's a good early sweep and shouldn't effect you too much since your main threat is a 4 toughness. Hopefully there will be more fun things to add once M14 comes out.
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