Alea Tools: Magnetic Status Markers Color Boost (Kickstarter)

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I'm not affiliated with this Kickstarter, but I really love Alea Tools's magnetic status markers. I use them for my 4E game, and they're great, albeit expensive. They just posted a kickstarter to raise money for more colors, starting with neon:

Alea Tools: Magnetic Status Markers Color Boost

As I type this, they have 27 days left (ends June 27), and they already have 4x their goal of pledges (>$3K pledged, $750 goal), blowing past three stretch goals.  Also, even though they've been around for about a decade, Alea Tools is something of a mom & pop operation run by a pair of gamers; they seem very friendly and responsive to email queries.
The Alea Tools Color Boost is entering its final 48 hours on Kickstarter.  As of now, they've unlocked 18 new colors, in both 1" and 2" size markers, and you can even get their original 18 colors as well.  (There's also an add-on for a glow-in-the-dark alien green color.)  If you've ever wanted to get these markers, now is the time to do it, as you can even get the original colors at a severe discount, under $0.70 per 1" marker, with free shipping and no tax, whereas the price at their online store is $0.90 per 1" marker before tax and shipping.
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