Versatile Expertise + Ki Focus with Heavy Blades

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Ki focuses confuse me Yell I'm trying to figure this one particular thing out. Let's say I was multiclassing assassin, and was able to weild ki focus and obtained the feat 'Versatile Expertise' in my heroic teir. If I chose Heavy Blades and Ki Focus, and was using ki focus on that heavy blade, would I get the +1 bonus for the attack roll AND the +1 for using the implement, totalling it +2 bonus to attack rolls? Or would it be simply +1? If it's just +1, please explain why (I'm new to D&D Foot in Mouth) so I won't make a similar mistake in the future! And just to be sure: Since a Ki Focus can basically be anything, can it be simply my weapon: the longsword?

Also an unrelated (and probably silly) question: Can you draw your weapon BEFORE an encounter, so you don't have to waste a minor drawing it during one?

P.S. Sorry if this question has been asked/answered a bunch before; I couldn't find a similar question when I was looking for an answer
If a bonus has a type (such as a power or a feat bonus), the bonus is not cumulative with bonuses of the same type; only the highest bonus applies.  If you look at Versatile Expertise, you'll notice it provides a "feat bonus" to attack.  A feat bonus +1 doesn't stack with another feat bonus +1, so you just net out a +1 total.

There are also bonuses that have no type called untyped bonuses. These bonuses are cumulative, but untyped bonuses from the same named game element (such as a power or a feat) are not cumulative; only the highest applies.

It's also important to note that just because you get a bonus from a feat, it is not automatically a feat bonus, or a power bonus if it was from a power.  The rules are very consistent about always specifying the flavor of bonus when it gives one out.

And you can totally walk around with your weapon already drawn.  Sometimes it's a good idea (in a dungeon) and sometimes it's... less good (at a dinner party with the King) Smile 

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Bonus typing is one of the most common rules people miss.  In short: bonuses can have types.  When you look at a bonus, it will be in the format +x type bonus.  The types can be almost anything, the most common being feat, power and enhancement, others including item and racial.  Bonuses with the same type NEVER stack - if you have two bonuses of a given type, only the larger will apply (or either one but not both, if they're the same size).  If you have two bonuses of different types, they will always stack.

You'll also sometimes see bonuses with no type (a +x bonus, as in Light Blade Expertise's secondary benefit, for instance) - these are untyped bonuses, and they stack with everything except themselves.

Bonuses from a game element don't hav to be of the same type as that element.  The Warlord's initiative boosts are power bonuses, for instance, despite not coming from a power, and there's a Mul feat which grants them a Racial bonus to initiative.
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Ooh, I see! That makes sense, thanks for the info guys!
Beyond that, when you are using a Ki Focus for an attack with a weapon you can as a special rule use the weapon's bonus or the ki focus' bonus, so logically you are only wielding one or the other and can thus only get the Versatile Expertise bonus once (it only applies to a weapon/implement that you are wielding in the attack). Ki Focuses are just damned confusing and should never have been written as they were.

I'd say most players assume their characters have their weapons drawn unless they were in a friendly place and got jumped. In the middle of a dungeon, you can probably assume they do unless they're actually doing something specific that requires hands free.
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