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Hey there!

Me and a couple of other users from this site are in the process of putting together a group, however we are unsure where exactly this group should meet. Could anyone give us ideas of where they play D&D to hopefully steer me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance
I've played with groups in several city's local libraries, which works great if they have a separate room - some do. If they don't, it's more difficult, as style and flair tend to disrupt the other people- even if there are no other people.
My last DM would actually book a class at a community college - which granted access to use some excellent rooms of isolation.
I've hosted games at my house - you could always come here, I suppose - as long as I know when you're coming, and you let me play too. FYI - I prefer everyone in the group to come sober, and remain so through the event, if it is to be held here.
Some cities and towns have community halls that can be booked in advance. Sometimes their locations are in the most amazing places, too. Like one was at a botanic garden/experiment station - and they let us schedule once for the year to gain every Wednesday from 6 - 11pm - and they counted on us to lock up after ourselves, since nobody would be there that late. Quite trusting - so we never let them down.
And if none of those work, storage shed rentals can also work. I've had one, where I asked the owner if I could get electricity in mine because I wanted to play D&D and have my band practice in there. To my surprise, he ran two heavy-guage extension cords from his electric panel to my shed. If no electricity is available, however, candle light and coolers works well and makes for great gaming ambiance. Battery powered lanterns can help, too.

Hope this gives you some ideas to help out.

I know lately I haven't been playing 4.0 because of a lack of players that I can find in my neighborhood - so I've been playing Neverwinter Nights - as the actual rules edition choice matters naught to me. I like them all - but I really want to play more fourth edition! Love the new rules! NWN makes for an excellent way to play long distance via the internet - as the DM can still play as DM in that game. It's very rare in that regard, and has most D&D features one could hope for - and a bazillion adventures available.
Check out schools, community halls, libraries and churches in your area. They will often accept to lent space to play game. 
This isn't advice as much as it is my pipe dream.

I work in the downtown area of my medium sized town and I've always hoped that I would make enough money to be able to afford to lease a conference room in one of the office buildings near where I work. It would only need to be a single room with a large conference table big enough to seat about 8. I'd just need a small refrigerator to keep drinks and snacks, a book shelf for my gaming supplies, and an internet connection so we could do online research if necessary.

This would keep my kitchen table at home clear from the random gaming supplies and it would make a fantastic location where we could focus on gaming and not have the distractions of things going on around the house.

As far as suggestions of where to play, if you have a local gaming store, they sometimes have tables that they will let people use for gaming. Just be sure to support them by spending money there. A lot of stores have snacks for sale (candy and sodas, usually, but sometimes better stuff) and that's another way to support them and thank them for their space. The only problem with that is their hours of operation. 
Me and some friends used to go down to the park and play, we'd get some odd looks, but it was pretty cool, the great outdoors, trees, birds chirpin, nice atmosphere, during the day anyways, at night it gets alot harder to read your die rolls.
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Ask your friendly local gaming store.  They're often happy to have gamers playing in the back, more so if you buy things while there, e.g., snacks and supplies.
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