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So I started playing MTG in late 93' (still remember buying Arabian nights packs for $1.49ea from EB games) and have quit this game twice in my life swearing I would never come back....I always come back lol.  So I am always finding random stuff in boxes (found 4 Japanese Intuitions in my commons box the other day....that weird).  So I came across some artwork I picked up at Origins in 2005 (i think).  It was three prints, and I got them all autographed by Mr. Angus.  One is broodstar, one is I cant remember, and one is Planeswalker's Scorn and was limited to 250.  I am asking for opinions on if there is a market for these types of items?  Thanks in advance for any opinions or advice given.
I would say its based on how much the card is worth.
I would say its based on how much the card is worth.

I was trying to guage the collectibility of these due to the unfortunate and surprisingly early passing away of the artist in 2007.  Since his autograph will no longer be able to be acquired.
I dont know much about this topic, but I still think it will be based on the cards price. It will defenitly increase the cards price by alot, what ever the card is, but i do think it will relly on its price. Though even if its a cheep card, it will probably still be worth a good amount.