D&D Encounters: Search for the Diamond Staff (Season 14) – Preview

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The adventure takes place in the Dalelands of the Forgotten Realms. The events of this season’s adventure happen right after the events of the D&D Game Day adventure Vault of the Dracolich.

This season’s adventure begins when the PCs are hired to accompany a sage on an expedition to the ruins of Uvaeren in the Cormanthor Forest near Mistledale. He hopes to gain access to the Vault of Song, one of the lost ancient libraries. He plans to use the Staff to bypass the magical wards and gain access to the library and its secrets.

The Staff is stolen during week 1 before the PCs realize that there is any real danger and spend the rest of the adventure tracking it down and fighting against three different factions that all want the Staff for their own nefarious purposes – the Shadovar, the Zhentarim, and the Cult of Dragons loyal to Dretchroyaster.

PCs begin this adventure at level 4 and will advance through to level 6 by the end.

See D&D Encounters: Search for the Diamond Staff – Preview for more details.

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