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As many of you realise their is a new adventure coming out with lots of juicy lore on Daggerford and I am in two minds over this adventure, on one hand I accept a limited edition adventure for Gen con with 5th Ed rules is a good idea and will make a good keepsake for the future.
However as someone who cannot get to Gen Con (I live in the UK) I am a little upset about the actual Forgotten Realms content, as Realm's fans we have been given very little lore regarding the current Realms over the last four years and while it appears that WOTC have been listening to us they then decide to release brand new lore on Daggerford (one of my favourite areas as it happens) in a "Gen Con only" exclusive.
Who here feels that for people who cannot make it to Gen Con which I'm sure is an awful lot of Realms fans that it would be nice if WOTC could do a DDI article on Daggerford at around the same time in Dragon mag?
As i said over at EnWorld, i think Ghost of Dragonspear Castle would make a great offering in Dungeon magazines for D&D Insiders subscribers who couldn't attend Gen Con, similar to how they started to distribute previous D&D Encounters season adventures.
I have let my subscription run out due to the playtest but this on its own would be a good enough reason to get it going again
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I agree with you Plague, that would be great, almost like an adventure path. I feel it would be good for Realms fans if Wizards could give us access to this lore in some form or other.
Yeah it sucks that you HAVE to go to GenConTM to get it, seems like that would cut down on potential  buyers yaknow? But damnit ,I really want that, Dragonspear castle is like one of my all time favorite adventuring locals, right after Myth Drannor. 

But, being as im only like 2 hours away, I guess im going to GenConTM this year. Its a devious plan is what it is.
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I think the GenCon-only release is just the beginning of marketing blunders relating to D&D Next and the new iteration of the Forgotten Realms.

At a bare minimum, this should be available to DDi subscribers not just as a gesture of respect for the customer base but also because it's going to be available as a pirated copy within hours of release.

Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
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