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So im making a GM Npc for a game and I was curious about Beast Form druids. Do they retain their races origen/special attributes?

Specificaly im thinking about making a Warforged or Shardmind Druid and wanted to know if their special construct abilities work in Beast form like not needing sleep, food, water air etc.

The idea was makeing a Shardmind Druid whos animal forms were rearrangments of the crystals making up its body. IE Crystal Animals.
Similar in concept to this stuffpoint.com/dragons/image/128179-drag...


 First, in 4E NPCs and monsters aren't made according to the rules used by player characters, so you can have them do whatever you want...
 Find a 4E monster that has the abilities and powers that you want your NPC to have and then just refluff it into your guy.
If this guy is going to be a DMPC, adventuring with the party, there are rules for companion characters in the DMG 2.

 In 4E, for player characters Wildshape is strictly a cosmetic change - you retain all of your original mechanical game stats, and gain none of the animal form's movement modes or special abilities.
 You can choose to have your animal form look like anything you want to, as long as your DM is cool with it. If a shardmind druid wants its animal form to look like it's composed of shardmind crystal, that's not really a big deal.


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