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Hey guys, if you are reading this thanks for doing so. I am extreamly new to D&D and don't really know how to start a group or at least find a group that could help me and play with me. I have looked at some youtube videos and what I got from it was that I really really like the game Sealed seeing that it is a RPG and has magic and stuff really catches my attention and I also learned that I should get the red box (4th edition) and get the core rule books to help me out along the way. Also I would need a group. Knowing that I just moved to a new city and don't know a lot of people here and plus im young (14) and I don't want to be a bother to others. Well if you can give me advice I would appreciate it. Thanks!
Be sure to post on the gamer classifieds forum of this website.  Try to find an ongoing game to join, maybe at a local hobby shop if there is one in your area.  Don't worry about buying all the core rulebooks until you have a group and you know whether you want to be a DM.  Only the DM needs most of the rulebooks, and if you buy the red box set that should subtitute well for the Player's Handbook.  Good luck.
Alright thanks for the advice ill look for a store nearby that plays D&D.
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