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Quick question: is there a way to use just any magical heavy shield as an implement? For the first time in a 4th edition game, I find myself playing a character who will actually be using a shield (hobgoblin eldritch strike infernal pact warlock), and I'd like to sort out whether or not it's possible to go dual implement with a weapon in one hand and a heavy shield in the other.

Any advice is appreciated!
Don't know of any for a heavy sheild but a spicked sheild is a light sheild and a light blade. enchant it as a pact blade would work for a warlock. or arcane implement proficiency feat for light blade.

Have not read the hobgoblin article if it has some heavy sheild only trick you wanted to use. 
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Here's the best I can come up with

Dragon #385 has a few shields that double as weapons, with the Fighting Shield (lv.1) as a +1 heavy blade and the Sun Shield (lv.13) as a +3 heavy blade - they can both be used as either a light or heavy shield

if you multiclassed swordmage then any light or heavy blade would be considered an implement

hopefully somebody that knows the rules better than I do can help with whether they would work

 Well, let's look at the wording of some things here...


 When you use an arcane attack power and you are wielding a magic implement in each hand, you can add the off-hand implement’s enhancement bonus to damage rolls.
Both of your implements must be usable with this power, and you must be capable of wielding both implements, to gain this benefit.

 I've bolded the most relevant bits.

 All of your powers are arcane attack powers, including Eldritch Strike, so this bit is easy.
 Almost all of your powers are going to be Implement powers and thus the issue is simply how to get a shield to become an implement for you. Eldritch Strike however, is a special case, as it's a Weapon power rather than an Implement power, so we'll handle that separately.

For Implement powers:

 - Gain proficiency with the spiked shield (spiked shield proficiency feat) and then enchant it with the Pact Blade weapon enchantment.
 This works with DIS specifically because the pact blade enchantment definitively spells out that you can use it as an implement for warlock powers and thus follows the general rules for "weapliments", i.e., weapons used as implements... As a magic weapon and thus as a magic implement, it inherently has an enhancement bonus for DIS to process off of.

 - Gain proficiency with the spiked shield and then either multiclass into swordmage or take the Arcane Implement Proficiency feat to get light blades as implements.
 This works with DIS because swordmages natively have proficiency with light and heavy blades as implements and thus multiclassing will get proficiency with them since pretty much all the mc feats give you proficiency with the chosen class' implements. This also allows you to choose them as your implement with the Arcane Implement Proficiency feat.

 I'm pretty sure the second option listed in the previous posts above me - the fighting shield and sun shield enchantments - doesn't work because of the language in the shields' description - to wit, "It grants a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls when used as a melee weapon..." This is related to the part I bolded about the enhancement bonus. Magic shields don't inherently have an enhancement bonus to add to attack and damage rolls, so by RAW it only has an enhancement when you're using it as a melee weapon, i.e., making a Weapon keyword attack with it.

 For Eldritch Strike:

 "Both of your implements must be usable with this power"...
 *Note that DIS doesn't require you to use an Implement power, only that the implements be useable with the power you use.*
 Most of the time, you can't use implements to make weapon attacks.
 In order for both of your implements to be useable with a Weapon power, both of them would need to be "weapliments" - either a weapon that, through whatever means, can also be used as an implement, or an implement that can also be used as a weapon.

  The choices for your main hand implement when trying to get the DIS bonus on Eldritch Strike are limited to the following...

 - Use a dagger or sickle (warlocks aren't proficient with any other blade as a weapon) enchanted with the Pact Blade enchantment
 -  Use the Rod of Smiting, Ironscar Rod or the 18th-lvl Battle Pact Rod, which also function as melee weapons

 If you acquired light blade implement proficiency through mc-ing or the AIP feat, you can also use a rapier enchanted with the Mage's Weapon enchantment, which gives you proficiency with it as a weapon as long as you have weapon proficiency with daggers or simple melee weapons

 You should note, however that this is a hell of a lot of resources to spend on a couple extra points of damage...


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