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I am thinking of trying a vampire but they can be destroyed by sunlight is there anything that may prevent that aside from the obvious in either not making one or a heavy cloak?
"destroyed" is a bit of an overstatement, it's a bit of damage and getting weakened.

That said, yes, a nice heavy cloak is a useful thing. 

There's also a feat that you can take to remove the sun damage.
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Do you happen to know what feat that would be
Mand12 must have referred to Divine Vampire.

Divine Vampire
Prerequisite: Vampire and any divine class
Benefit: Once per encounter, when your divine encounter attack power hits at least one enemy, you gain a healing surge.
   Once per encounter, when you use a divine power that allows a target to spend a healing surge, the target can choose to instead lose a healing surge so that you can gain a healing surge.
   You lose the vulnerable 5 radiant granted by the Child of the Night class feature, and you do not take damage from direct sunlight.
Published in Dragon Magazine 402.

I cant seem to find it is it tier specific or what i know i am being a pain lol
if you aren't MCed with a divine class then it would not show up for you in CB
Since it requires being a Vampire and a Divine class, you have to multiclass into something like Cleric, Avenger, Paladin or Invoker.
  Or alternatively, a divine character who multiclasses into Vampire.

the multiclass feat for sorc from AP gives damage type resist 5 .Pick radient and a sunnyday dose +5 -5 = 0 damage.
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the multiclass feat for sorc from AP gives damage type resist 5 .Pick radient and a sunnyday dose +5 -5 = 0 damage.

Helps the damage, doesn't help the Weakened effect.
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
Neither does the actual Divine Vampire feat, though.

As for avoiding the sun entirely... Enshrouding Candle?
Reduces bright light to dim light in its area of effect, which I would personally rule as avoiding direct sunlight.

There's grabbing a Gloaming Shroud, or Bottled Twilight, but those are tied to a daily active.
There's also the Battle Standard of Shadow, but it forces you to stay in place.
Midnight Blade has a nice aura you can use, but it's from the book of vile darkness and a rare to boot if your DM cares about either of those things.
just wear clothing that completely covers your body ?
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