Brutal wound and Intensifying weapon

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 Hey me and my Dm are trying to figure this out.

I am running a rouge and picked up brutal wound which deals 1 ongoing damage with sneak attack and i wanted to pick up intensifying weapon. which increases ongoing damage on attacks that deal ongoing damage. problem is  he says it won't work since brutal wound "adds" damage not deals. which one of us is right  (a rule or ruling would be helpful)
Brutal Wound does not cause ongoing damage itself, it increases existing ongoing damage.  Intensifying Weapon does the same thing.  Because neither is a bonus, they both work and stack.  So if you had a +3 Intensifying Weapon and 2d6 Sneak Attack damage, ongoing damage you deal would be increased by 5 (3 for the +3, and 2 dice of SA).

Brutal Wound does not mean that all of your Sneak Attacks have ongoing damage.
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