Custom Monk Subclass: Sword Saint

We've made a new monk subclass tradition in our group and are sharing if anyone would like to try it. The only real difference is the tradition skills and that they are allowed to have one (only one) weapon that they get profficiency to despite their lack of normal proficiency (in this case sword). This may not be a sword, but another weapon, even one they normally have proficiency to, but the concept is that they seek perfection of self by learning to be one with said chosen weapon.

The tradition skills are as follows:

1: Soul Sword: You infuse your weapon with ki, or summon one with ki. Spend ki. Your weapon now deals 1d4+WIS modifier extra damage. When you gain undaunted strike (Level 2), it's benefits transfers to your weapon, allowing you to pierce resistance. If you do not have a weapon of choice on hand, you may summon one made of ki for one minute. It deals 1d4+WIS modifier damage.
5: Sword Sense: Spend 1 ki and use your reaction to attack an opponent attacking you before they do. If your attack kills/incapacitates them, they do not finish their attack and you receive no damge
8: Sword Step: Spend 1 ki. You may attack any/all opponents that pass within range of you this combat turn.
I dig it! kind of a 'Master of a Weapon' classic martial arts film. When i was reading your description, i instantly thought of Master of the Flying Guillotine (if u havent seen this movie, go watch it!).

I personally wanna see a Str Monk build. You can use feats like Disarmming Attack effectively or maybe even break their weapon.

And how about Recall Lore (Martial Arts)? lol guess folklore should cover that
Disarming Strike should allow dexterity or strength. Anyway, seems like an okay idea. It's really weird that Monk's don't get proficiency with some kind of sword...
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