PREIDENT SET, with NeverWinter Nights 2, In Beta

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Hello everyone, and sirs and ladies, lords and lasses,

i was trying to get the playtesting material to work on my computer for the character builder the other day. i have made alot of caracters trying to fix an old computer that didnt like the software. And it dawned on me that the NeverWinter site was in beta so if i couldnt play what i wanted i would play NwN2.

So i have played for 2 days and its awesome man. i played like 6 different class' up to 7th level, then picked 2 that i wanted to try. My chaotic good mercenary is lvl. 11 now, and i just made a female mage and ran her up to lvl. 4 to get in the game. Doing all this stuff over the last week hit me after i called robert bigelo to ask about some books i want.

If the second edition books are due to be released at the end of the month, WHY NOT- Take this NeverWinter Game engine and use the second edition rules in the books, and use a second edition version of the character builder to make characters and drop them into a second edition version of Neverwinter ?? NOW if that is the plan with all this playtesting sign me up now, and send me a build tool i can wrap my brain around and i can make my own world and buy the adventures i want to drop into my world, and add towns as we go, stayn ahead of the players movements. And building the connection points of the map as need be. I used to write 4 hour flight missions for ATF Gold, timed within 2 seconds 3 hours into the flight, engaging fresh enemies and having to refuel and rearm along the way.

I think if we all pull togeather in a friendly enviorment, and make Gary take one for the team, and make the official 2nd edition version of this game engine. the windows method your using rocks, the character interface is rockin, for 2nd edition you need a rolling task bar with the standard keyboard 10 button configuration for all the spells and stuff depending on class. Also it would be a revolution for the older gamers to get out of the closet. this is YOUR d+D GAMe.          

I dont know what the future holds, but im going to send a software engineer i know a heads up. He would LOVE TO DO THIS. 



And KillZone when Im in a Plane.

GoodNight Folks.