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Howdy, all.

Quick question. By strict RAW, the Vampire feature of Blood Is Life allows one ally to give up a healing surge for you to heal.

Would it be out of the realm of possibility to allow a Vampire to use this feature on a captured enemy? Like, you attack the bloodied creature, you "kill" it, and choose to deal subdual damage. While your allies are looting, you drink the helpless critter. Too powerful?

Would it be worth a feat to allow this, if so? Something like "Your Life For Mine" - You may use your Blood is Life class feature on Helpless enemies. Minions do not allow use of this feature.
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RAW its not possible as Blood is Life only works with ally and an unconcious enemy is still an enemy.

It wouldn't be too powerful to allow it and it wouldn't be worth a feat neither. Just ask your DM.
By RAW, if not otherwise specified, all creatures have 1 healing surge per tier that you could potentially drink.

  However, I'll also point out that by RAW there is another way to heal yourself from a captured enemy, although its a bit slower :

  Take your normal short rest using one of your healing surges if you are maxed out.  After the short rest is over, use a melee at will against the enemy to trigger blood drinker and gain a healing surge, knocking the creature unconscious at 0 instead of killing it.  Repeat this process of short rest and blood drinker as needed.  A lawful good or good character might have problems with this process, but that's a roleplaying issue and not a game mechanics issue.
   The DM may instead choose to allow Blood is Life on a captured enemy as a way of handwaving the above process.
Ultimately its probably not too powerful to allow, although the idea of blood is life is that the healing is still coming from the party pool.
Thanks for the responses. I know that RAW it doesn't work, but the vampire has so little going for it, I was trying to find a way to give them a little extra something.
So many PCs, so little time...
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