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Ok I am trying to understand the hexblade, I don't have any of the hero of books but do have a DDI sub.  My questions aare while trying to make a gloom hexblade it gave me two powers that said that I must use my scourge of exquisite agony.  Yet on the character builder it did not give it?  Where would I find iit also is it a actual weapon or a conjured one that I happen to use when I use said powers!  Does the scourge get more powerful as I level up? Since I use a rod does the scourge if conjured appears in my other hand ?  Since I use a rod and this scourge do I need another weapon   Thanks
Check your inventory. Just by selecting Hexblade and your pact, it should have added the approriate weapon into your inventory, which you can then equip in your main hand. In fact, the character builder equips it for you.

The pact weapon will inherit the enhancement bonus, critical dice and properties of your Rod.

No other weapons necessary.
one thing on other weapons-
You may want a dagger or hand ax, the scourge of exquisit agony may not be so good at cutting ropes or chopping fire wood.
You may want a ranged weapon so you can make ranged attacks with out shooting a magic laser beam and letting people know you are a warlock.  
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