Trap/challenge idea: Fermat's Room

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Taken directly from a movie of the same name.

The party enters a square room and the door locks behind them. Inside they are presented with a puzzle or some other intellectual challenge that you can create. They have one minute to figure it out. If they go over one minute all 4 walls begin to slowly close in. One they complete the challenge the walls stop moving. After another minute a new challenge is presented. Same 1 minute time limit with every second overtime the walls slowly close in.

Now this can go of two ways.

1: the group has to complete a set number of challenges without the walls crushing them. After they are all complete, the walls retract if they moved in the first place and they can get out.

Or 2. Just like in the actual movie, it matters not how many they complete, the real objective is to escape from the room. In the movie it was a secret panel behind the black board. Of course in this one you don't tell your players that the real objective is to escape the room. They have to figure that out themselves.

For an idea on how such a system could work see this:  

So what do you think?

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