Totally new to Dungeons and Dragons: Suggestions on my Revenant Battlemind build?

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Hey guys! I'm a totally noob in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons. Just recently got done with my first weekly encounter and it was a blast! I went in a group of 4 newcomers (myself included).

That being said I'm a little worried about my current character/build. I want to make sure I'm getting the best out of my character or at least not messing anything up. Also our DM told us to remake our characters (were at level 1) at level 5 so that we're caught up with the rest of the group. He also said we're not using backgrounds or themes and deities are optional.

So any sort of insight, suggestions, opinions on my character and ways to optimize/improve would be highly appreciated.

My Character, Level 5
Revenant, Battlemind
Build: Harrier Battlemind
Psiconic Study: Persistent Harrier
Choose Your Race in Life: Shadar-Kai
Starting Ability Scores:
 STR 12, CON 20, DEX 12, INT 12, WIS 11, CHA 14

AC 20, FORT 18, REF 14, WILL 17

HP 59, Surge 14, Surge/Day 14

Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Insight

Level 1
 Melee Training (Constitution)
Level 2
 Weapon Proficiency (Mordenkrad)
Level 4
 Death's Blessing

Level 1 Battlemind At-Will
 World-Slipping Advance
 Twisted Eye
Level 1 Battlemind Daily
 Accelerating Strike
Level 2 Battlemind Utility
 Dimension Slide
Level 3 Battlemind At-Will
 Spectral Legion
Level 5 Battlemind Daily
 Aspect of Unspeakable Horror


Now for items I'm a little confused about. Our DM said since we're starting at level 5 to be caught up that we can choose (in regards to equipment and stuff): "one 5th, one 4th, one 3rd, and a gold/3rd up to 680" although I don't know what he meant. I guessed that he meant a level 5 item, a level 4 item, a level 3 item, and an additional level 3 item that costs up to 680 in value.

But at any rate here's what my inventory looks like
Adventurer's Kit, Longsword, Heavy Shield, Tactitian Scale Armor +1, Frost Mordenkrad +1, Cloak of Distortion +1

Above all else I really want to stay as a Revenant as I really like the race for role playing and story purposes. They're cool lol. But any suggestions and insight is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Swap World-Slipping Advance for Conductive Defense.  Conductive Defense is a weapon attack vs reflex and is usually going to be much more accurate than anything else you've got.  It also has some mark-ish effects.  Also go for the Blurred Step feat that lets you teleport rather than shift when your mark moves away from you.

I would also stay off of 2 handed weapons.  You're a defender, you need the shield bonus to your defenses. Go with longsword or warhammer and take an expertise feat instead of the proficiency feet.


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