Feedback Playtest package 11-04-2013

After playing a number of sessions, having tested various things, a number of things have come forward as feedback at the current edition.
First of all - general:

We felt the current edition is much improved upon some of the earlier playtest stuff we have done. The playtest currently feels a lot like an open-ended v3.5 version, incorporating some of the good things learned from 4th. Rules feel straight-forward and adaptable. We have not tried it yet, but likely material from other editions can be very easily incorporated into the current edition.

Character sheet:
The character sheet is still the major bugbear for us. We often feel that it is not well designed for its purpose. We do feel that the contest may bring an end to the problems, but there are a few things we feel have to change:

  • No place to note one's deity. (My campaigns have a lot to do with deities)

  • Manouvres seem to have no current application. Might be an artifact?

  • As there are no limits to one's cantrips, why is there a box to mark them?

  • No place to note one's age.

  • No marker for 'hit dice spent'

  • No seperation on paper between Current HP and total HP. Our rogue has erased his total hit points more than once.

  • We would like to see a place for 'spells used'

We are happy with the balance so far. Good job!
Rogue - Feels good and powerful
Paladin - Feels good, does a lot of dmg!
Wizard - Feels good
Druid - He's happy.

We missed any clues ot the non-material components of a spell. We felt it would add flavour and game mechanics to the game. We came across the problem when our wizard was grappled.

Magic Items do not seem to be much in their place yet. It's hard to reward them after an adventure. Simple roll tables would add a lot here.

Combat feats:
Taunt - Doesn't seem worth it. Perhaps a swift action? Currently we have 2 characters with the feat and it's been used once.
Charge - Why only advantage when you have the feat?

We'll continue playing, so far really happy. Espcially since the spikes from earlier editions are gone. Monsters seem far more balanced, but still pack a punch! 
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Spell components: it's in the How to Play document, I believe. All spells now require verbal and somatic components unless they specifically state otherwise.

  • Manouvres seem to have no current application. Might be an artifact?

Yes, this is left over from the last couple of packets. The character sheet is dated 10/29/12, and hasn't been updated since then, even though the rules have changed and maneuvers have been removed from the current playtest packet.


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