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My question is this: I've read the reviews of the 4e books ad I was a big fan of 1e and 3e realms books. Reading these reviews a lot of people seem upset by the changes to the setting and score the player's guide really low and the campaign guide a little higher but their seem to be a lot of bias because of the changes. Objectively speaking though, without the zomg they changed stuff reactions, as a stand alone, away from previous material, are the 4e realms products any good? I don't want comparisons to previous editions, just the books on their own. Do they present the world in a way that is payable and well presented. Pretend it's a new setting.
Er, yes and no. For a 4e setting, yeah its pretty good, gives a nice over view.

For a Forgotten Realms sourcebook of lore and maps and whatnot, not so much. 
I survived Section 4 and all I got was this lousy sig Off-topic and going downhill from there
Do they present the world in a way that is payable and well presented. Pretend it's a new setting.

I felt they did a good job with the Neverwinter, Undermountain and Menzoberranzan sourcebooks. Very playable and well presented. And the LFR adventures are completely awesome, imho.

Thanks for the replies so far, appreciated. I'm not worried about the past of the setting in this question, how it stacks with older lore. I am deciding between the realms and eberron for when I start my 4e game in a few months. 
If that's your dillema just go with whatever suits you and your friends taste high-fantasy(FR) or fantasy-punk(Ebb) they're both fine settings in 4E.
I've found it harder to find particular topics in the 4e books even if I know I've read it in there somewhere; I like to double check my source whereas the earlier books had a larger detailed index.  No matter what edition I have found them useful as 2nd or 3rd edition material gives me details to the history of an area which I can bring alive with ruins or family relics.  These details I can use in whatever edition I want to run my game in as now it is pretty much a mix of edition rules my players and I agreed on.

I have them and use them but they are much harder to use when it comes to locating particular details on whatever subject I am seeking outside the Basic Layout which the content design makes it harder to use than previous.  
Even disregarding the fact that it's the Forgotten Realms, the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide book is a pretty lackluster book. I've mentioned this before, but a buyer doesn't get much value for their dollar. If you flip through it you'll notice a large number of white spaces which could be filled with additional text and world information, but isn't, as well as pretty big fonts. It reminds me of students who put 1.5" margins on their reports to make it seem like they wrote a lot more than they actually did. Same here. They're trying to fill out a page count rather than providing content. If they had been a bit more honest then they would've shrunk the font size a bit and better formatted the book to eliminate as much white space as possibly, which would've possibly shaved that book down to 240 pages or less and reduced the price along with it.

Also, it seemed poorly organized to me, with the Loudwater chapter being a prime example. That's something the players likely won't ever use, and even if they do they'll likely only use it once and that's it, so why's it at the front of the book? Stick it in the back.

But anyway, those're just some of the problems I've had with it and why I consider it to be a substandard book, even disregarding the nature of the content.
The 4e Neverwinter book is fantastic, probably the best 4e book released and in my opinion, one of my favorite FR books ever released. If you havn't read it, check it out. I've run several mini-campaigns using this book and each of them has been a lot of fun.
"Do they present the world in a way that is payable and well presented. Pretend it's a new setting."

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: As a newer setting (changing a lot from the previous century) it does a decent job of letting players and DMs know what's what in the new age. You know that evil is abound in many forms. From mundane cutthroad pirates on the Sea of Swords to the zombieland-ish Thay to the secretive and expanding Shades of Netheril. Hereos are needed, now more than ever. 

From a Player standpoint, I wish there were more indepth info about the specific racial cultures of humans because they are pretty diverse and there are a lot more gods than what was printed, albiet minor gods with smaller circles of worshippers.
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