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So... lets say I have an infinite mana combo.  I am looking for good finishers.

Ideally they would:
Be able to be used the turn they are cast. (ie. if a creature, no {tap} in an activation cost)
Win on the turn used. (IOW, better to deal damage than to generate tokens)
Be colorless,
if not, use blue mana,
if not, use green mana.
Be reusable (IOW, not an instant or sorcery; or at least one with flashback)


The above are ideals... other suggestions are welcome also.

Goblin Cannon looks like it's right up your alley.
What's the combo? Might be able to work in something that feeds off of the combo more easily than a mana dump.
Stroke of Genius to draw your opponent out of cards?

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Emrakul, the Aeons Torn? He's colorless. Doesn't technically win on the turn he lands, but since he Time Walks for you, can't be countered, and is immune to almost all removal that could be thrown at him during that span, you're all but guaranteed to get a free swing for 15 plus 6 sac'd creatures. If your mana combo comes out fast enough, that should be the game. 

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Hmmm cool.

Here are some others I came across:

Banefire is good
Red or Blue Sun's Zenith. They're sorta' reusable.

Squallmonger works in green, so long as you have more life.

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Golem Artisan is vulnerable to instant speed creature removal but otherwise fits your requirements.
helix pinnacle is usualy the end of most mana combos. I think milling your opponent out is a very good idea also.
Splash black and cast Exsanguinate - No need to recast because THEY'RE ALL DEAD!
Enter the Infinite then do what the 5th comment on Shivan Meteor's Gatherer Popular Comment page says, be amazed.

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I guess this all comes down to whether you're playing a deck with infinite colourless mana, or whether you have some colour in there.

I like Emrakul or Blightsteel Colossus for colourless.
If coloured, you have so many more options;
Fanning the Flames, Banefire, Sprouting Swarm, Capsize, Debt to the Deathless, Exsanguinate, Blue Sun's Zenith, Minds Aglow, Prosperity are all possibilities.   
If a 4 player game, mindshrieker attacking 1 player, mill the second player out, killing the 1st player with damage, then fling the bird at the 3rd player for a flawless 3 man KO
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