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this is my deck list for a boros deck i made it played well but I want to get this deck better and get it ready for FNM so I can use it there. There are cards i need to add like Boros Reckoner and more dual lands and graveyard hate spells
7x Mountain
8x Plains
4xBoros Guildgate
1xSlayers' stronghold
2x Boros Elite
1xWojek Halberdiers
1xSunhome Guildmage
4xFirefist Striker
4xBomber Corps
1xDaring Skyjek
1xSkyknight Legionnaire
1xViashino Firstblade
1xwarmind Infantry
1xFrontline Medic
1xTajic, Blade of the Legion
1xSpark Trooper
1xFiremane Avenger
1xOrdruun veteran
1xGoblin Battle Jester
1xNav Squad Commandos
1xRipscale Predator
3xCaptain of the watch

non creature spells
4xPillar of Flame
1xMadcap Skill
1xDevil's Play
1xFive-Alarm Fire
1xMassive Raid
1xAct of Treason
1xAnnihilating Fire
1xVolcanic Geyser
1xHoming Lightning
1xAssemble the Legion
1xGleam of Battle

and ps if you guys want to give a list of cards that would be good for a sideboard for this deck that would be great

I suggest scratching the list as a whole, looking at some other typical Boros decks, and reading up on basic deck building threads, then start over.

There's a lot wrong with the list and most of it is just basic deckbuilding things (mana, mana curve, consistency issues, etc.) 
Your curve is off, and you have alot of one-ofs, you want to hit certain cards alot more often.

etc etc... as for spells
4 Searing Spear
4 Boros Charm
4 Madcap Skills
this is just a super basic and quick thrown together idea.
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thanks for the help but it will be a while before I can get the cards to use the deck list you guys made due to the fact that most of my cards are form gatecrash and dragons maze
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