(3.5 over Skype/OpenRPG) Looking for Players for a Campaign!

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Hello! I'm looking for about 3-10 players for a campaign I would love to find some players, some skilled and some beginners! Here's what I would like:

  • Anyone of the age of 16+

  • A skilled enough player that can be a co-DM. (I'm a fresh DM and I would love someone to help me!)

  • A group in which everyone is friendly with each other.

  • To have fun with this thing!

I was thinking of a similar plot to Homestuck but maybe twist it around. I hope I will be able to find some people to play with me!

Thanks for reading! 

I would like to participate in your campaign. I played a few sessions in 4e and thats about it for my experience with D&D. If you would allow me to join, you can join me on skype. My name is "Paradox_Qc".

Now i just need to create a character for 3.5. For now, i have a flexible schedule so i can play pretty much anytime. Also, my native language isnt english so dont worry and laugh at my accent as much as you want.
Really? Thanks! It's nice to see a willing player, so thank you! :D
Hello, I'm also interested in your campaign. I've alot of experience with 3.5e(currently dming a game). What your schedule for the campaign? Also my skype is Khoalabear1.
Hi, I'd also be interested in playing. I'm currently DMing a 3.5 game every friday night so I can be fee on the weekends. My skype name is yepsen_xikin.
I'm interested in joining.  I'm busy Sunday nights, but I can play any other time.  Skype is Bartre21
I'm intrested in  playing I'm open on the weekends.I don't have much expirience with 3.5 but I'm open to learn. My Skype is dadayzednoob.
Hey, I'm a huge fan of 3.5 and homestuck (as long as you are using it as a refference). I'm extremly free with my new schedule and currently dm a group on weekends. If you want it my skype, it is novakidx.
I don't know if you mind a noob joining in on this game, my friend recently got me into the basics of D&D, but I haven't been able to play at all yet, but I understand concepts and can make a character. If you don't mind my joining, I'm free on most weekends. If you do mind, I'll take no offense and I would understand. 
Hope there's still room. I'd like to join in if at all possible. Been playing D&D for 10 years. I'm usually free Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays all day and Wednesdays and Thursdays at night.

My skype is cy.passley 
Hope I didnt miss out. I'd would like to join your campaign if possible. I'm new to the whole roleplaying  thing but willing to learn. I've been looking over the rules and what not. Im really trying to find a game to gain some experience. If there is room my skype is justintucker91.
Hello. I'm a total noob. I haven't been able to play an actuall game, but if you would have me I would love to play. My schedule bounces around but I'm usually free in the mornings or evenings after 10 pm EST. I've read alot of the rules, and own the core rule books. I've also played a little of the basic game.
Hi, Ive been through 3 or 4 adventures and never DMed. Ive only played version 3/3.5. I hope Im not too late to join, my skype is talenjustice14. Oh and i wanted to create a character as the Telepath class if thats okay. If not, no big deal. Its a homebrew I think, so heres the link. www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Telepath_(3.5e_Class)
And Im free pretty much all the time. Ill update whenever I have something happening.
Hi i run a large group and am looking for dms for our 20 + ppl player base, we can help you with prep and will bend over backward to setup games the way you want to play, all voice, virtual table, post to play, video its all cool  we have players that will play any thing. there are a few rules but there all the basic stuff to make sure the environment is friendly.

we have a impressive list of tools including a built in dice roller for skype (NO CHEATING!!!!)

contact me if your interested skype name Excile747
Hey guys, i am looking for a group to join. 
I have never played DnD however i am really interested to learning the game

you can contact me on Skype: drayven(hulk image)

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