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I am looking to build Paul Atreides from Dune, since I have been reading the book and am intrigued by his character in the book. As for it being a 4th Edition build, I have these things pinpointed as musts for the build. 1. Human 2. From Athas (read Arrakis) 3. a psionic class (Probably Ardent) 4. High Intelligence or Wisdom for his visions into the past and future. Has anyone done this kind of build before or is this a new idea? Any help on building this would be appreciated. MC/Hybrids with other psionic or non-psionic classes are welcome, i.e. Ardent|Fighter. (probably not a good combo, but alright for an example)

This is a pretty cool idea, but I'm afraid I can't add much other than suggesting Monk as a possible class (excellent unarmed fighting skills).
I was thinking that too. I've seen one other thread on another website discussing this, but I never saw an actual character drawn out. How does the Monk and Psion work together? It may work despite being a human. Or two good DEX classes with Seer background or something else to give him the seeing into the future.

 You might be better off asking this in Character Optimization - they're the ones who know the ins and outs of which classes will work effectively for what you want to do. Explain to them the flavor of the character and what sort of mechanical things you want the character to do, and they can reccomend something effective. You'll need to decide what sort of mechanical role you want the character to play - leader, striker, defender, etc, before they can tell you which class or combination thereof will most effectively represent what you want... The thing about the visions is pretty much just going to be fluff rather than mechanical (Actually seeing into the past of future isn't mechanically represented in 4E - it's pretty much up to the DM to make it up as he sees fit) unless you want to actively build the character for things like allowing rerolls.


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I'm going to be a necro(mancer) here, but, Dude...Warlock, all the way. Go Sorceror king, and with the right feats and an item or two, Paul is verrry doable. I'm Lvl 18 and playing my warlock as for all intents and purposes, a tiefling Bene Gesserit. Lots of psychic dam and dominates for Voice, and early attack powers for making enemies hit  themselves/allies. Shadow concealment for wierding way, etc. 
I will look into the 'Lock then. Are you getting your powers from PHB1  or Arcane Powers? The latter will limit my powers, not having the book or DDI.
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