Adventures with pre-made 5 foot battlegrid maps included?

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Hey everybody!

 I recently DM'ed The Gem and the Staff as a 3.5: an expert set adventure frim the 80s as a 3.5 game. It had a 5 foot battle grid map for every room in the module whcih saved a HUUUUUGGGGE amount of time in preperation. Does anyone know other modules of any of the rule additions that contain premade maps like these with the game?

Thanks in advance!

rules 1, 2, 3, 3.5 or 4th edition, i dont care
If you search for The Cartographer's Guild, online, you can find maps for some of the 4e modules. You still have to size them and print them out.

The Dungeon Delve book for 4e has maps made entirely out of Dungeon Tiles, but that does requiring having the Dungeon Tiles (sometimes two copies of a given set) and figuring out which pieces to use.

I can only recommend the good old wipeable grid and water-soluable markers for a quickly sketched area. That's all you'll usually need anyway.

And of course it's always possible to run simple encounters without a map at all, even in 4e. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

Yeah, that Dungeon Delve looks very promising!
Yeah, that Dungeon Delve looks very promising!

I like it, for when I need to drop something in. The encounters are pretty bog-standard, but decent. I particularly like Delve 11, which incorporates a skill challenge into the final encounter. Can the PCs beat the empowered solo before shutting off the gate?

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

Does anyone know other modules of any of the rule additions that contain premade maps like these with the game?

- All 4e modules contained printed battlemaps for the major encounters.

- All D&D Encounters, Lair Assault and Game Day adventures contained printed battlemaps for every encounter.

thanks! contains 4e adventures with maps, although most actually do require the DM to print them out or recreate them with dungeon tiles. Some use the recent Map Packs though or maps from other officially 4e print adventures.
thanks! good stuff!
This doesn't help with obtaining gridded maps as such, but if you find images of gridded maps online anywhere, you can size them and print them with PosteRazor

It's very handy as you can take any image, any units of measurement, specify a paper size or absolute size or percentage, margins, overlaps, etc. and generate a .pdf that can be printed and cut and taped together ... any size you need.  Despite all the options it's actually very easy to use, and no problem to get gridded maps to print out with true 1" squares if you just know the dimensions in inches of the original map.

Alternatively, you could just print out any map any size you want it to be, then manually draw in a grid.

I just used it yesterday to create an overhead map of a town I created in Neverwinter Nights.  I pulled it up in the NWN toolset, took a screenshot and made a jpg out of it, then put it right in PosteRazor and chose how big I wanted it to be, then printed it off and taped it together.  Same thing last night with another map I found that I wanted to use from Dungeon magazine online.  I just had to count its dimensions in squares and use that as the starting point, which was easy because it was gridded.

(Incidentally, you can do something similar using Excel, but it's a little more complicated.  And PosteRazor is free anyway.)

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in Dungeon 197 they published an adventure as a "Tile Trek" specifically to be used with the Shadowghast Manor tile set, I wish they would've kept doing things like that, it would've been nice to see them make adventures that take advantage of the newer sets instead of all the older out of print sets

edit - most of the battle maps are 24"x30" but some of the map packs, like Vaults of the Underdark have maps that can be combined
On this blog I keep a link to a zip file containing a gallery of images of the maps for each 4E WotC adventure, including gamedays and other official content (other than living campaigns). It can be handy both for figuring out what to purchase and for seeing which of the many maps you own you want to use (or be inspired by).

There are older products with maps, but earlier than 3E is generally not particularly useful or attractive compared to modern maps.

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Great suggestions and help...thank you!
I'm going to try Roll20 for maps instead of preparing them on paper. I know some people project digital maps on the table, but we're just plugging an HDMI into the tv and passing around a wireless mouse. I found it was a lot less preparation, and cost me a lot less in paper and printer ink. Using a laserjet printer makes maps look beautiful, but it's very expensive. 

I found some PDF scans of out of print dungeon tiles, and use Cartographer's Guild, plus a little Photoshop.
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