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    I'm a DM who has all the 4e books and some friends that are willing to play!  The only problem is that my friends do not have the player's handbook.  Along with this, my friends can't get the books (we're on a really tight budget), and summer begins in 2 days after finals.  Is there a good way to play on a virtual table or skype with 4e rules and character creation?

There are lots of ways.

Check out, for starters. If that doesn't work for you, create any maps you need in a shared Google Doc. Some people also like Maptools and Gametable.

There's also play-by-post, as an option.

If there's only one PHB, the others might have to trust the one with the book to make the characters they want and email them the information. Copying down the powers might take a while.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

Also, check your local libraries.  Your library may stock 4e books and/or have them available on inter-library loan
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Provide them this link and ask them to download the Quick Start Rules.
That is sufficient to get a taste of the game, and if they want more... *looks at you*

Roll20 is a decent enough virtual table, I think.

I am Blue/White is a great virtual table. I highly recommend it.

For any decision or adjudication, ask yourself, "Is this going to be fun for everyone?" and "Is this going to lead to the creation of an exciting, memorable story?"

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I use Roll20 and place maps from the Cartographer's Guild on it. If you use published adventures, CG has most of what you'd need, and some users' maps are just gorgeous and even better than the maps that come with the adventures. There are some talented mapmakers over there.

Sharing one PHB is not unheard of. My group has one copy between them. I just bucked up the cash to buy it and let them pass it around when they were making characters. I know some of them also downloaded PDFs, but that was their own decision. Some of my players have borrowed the book from me in order to scan or photocopy the necessary pages for themselves.

You could also pool together for a month's subscription to DDI to use the Character Builder app. At $10/month, if you have at least 5 of you in the group, it's only $2 each. 
Chip in and share a ddi account (it's like $10 a month, split 5 ways it's like $6 each for the entire summer).

You won't need any other books. 
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The char builder on here is the best and its cheap. Easy to make interesting chars that's all my table uses
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