Ghost Towers

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There are only three legendary “Ghost Towers” as indicated by the most recent lore on the subject.

The first Ghost Tower is of course located at Inverness [~1980]

The second one I found in the Super Endless Quest Adventure Gamebook #2, aptly named “The Ghost Tower” [printed in 1985 by TSR].  This tower was formally known as the Ghost Tower of Castle Parcesstar, and is presumably located in the world of Greyhawk, although, there is no hard evidence of this in the book.  It does not have the flavor of the basic edition used in the Known World.  [These were the only published settings at this time.]

The third now appears to be the “Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens” (aka Kalton Manor) made available in 2010 from WotC.

I know of no others mention in the DnD lore.  Has anyone else has heard of any?