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The result of a game element’s use. The damage and conditions caused by an attack power are the power’s effects, for instance. Some powers have “Effect” entries, which contain some but not necessarily all of the powers’ effects. In an attack power, the effects of such an entry are not contingent on a hit or a miss.   My question is in the wording , how do we know when the effect does not need to hit in order to be in effect ?  Could someone please post two different powers , one that the effect does need to hit ,to work and one that works even if you miss. So I can tell what to look for

In a power, if you see Effect: and then a description, it happens no matter what.  If you see Hit: or Miss: then it requires you to hit the target or if you happen to miss the target.  Sometimes, due to spacing on a power card, it can be a bit confusing.  Though if you see Effect:, then it always happens.  Basically, the power card will lay it out for you.  If you just see Hit:, then you must hit with the power for anything to happen.  You have to actually see the word Effect: for anything that doesn't require a hit.  Tabs, font size or space can sometimes blend different hit/miss/effect entries together and get confusing. Does that help any?
Yes thanks 
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