Playtest Pakcet after 04/01/2013: when?

Ok, I was just going to do this...

If you dm, you might be interested in downloading the packet again now. There was an update 04/11/13 with 4 small bestiaries that repeat most monsters, but have some new.

Can't wait for it.
There was also an update on 4/15/13. That update included an newer version of The Mud Sorcerer's Tomb that includes the monsters for that adventure.

If you just go to the normal download page, you'll get a packet named "041113 DnD Next Playtest Packet" but it does have the 4/15/13 version of Mud Sorcerer in it.


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True. I have it. In any case... far from being the next packet xD
I would love to know this as well as my group does an annual D&D camping trip and we were planning on doing D&D Next this year (end of June).  We are really hoping a new packet arrives before we go as we want to make sure we have the full array of options and updated rules.
I hope we get it before D&D game day on 15th June.
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