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i have seen in several peoples posts that the following races have gotten an optional stat bonus just like the PHB1 races.

goliath/gnome/Deva/half-orc. i believe it was the goliath who got the option of wisdom. this is obviously to bring them in line with the phb1 races & phb3. my problem is i have gone through the Errata of phb2 and it does not have an update for these races (with the expection of the half-orc).

so my question is. does this fix exist? is this just some universal house rule everyone but me knows about? or is there a specific book/magazine/book& its errata that i am missing for this update?.

if so i would be greatly apperciated if someone could tell me which book i have to drop 30 bucks on. or which errata i have to drop it on.

p.s. im about to buy the offical DM screen for 4th eddition. i have heard that a few of the printed information for are out of date, off the top of anyones heads which ones are so that i can fix them.
just realized there is an Errata for the screen as well.
Dragon #397 contains the update on racial bonuses.
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