Pathfinder's big push before 5e?

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I looks like Paizo is gearing up for a ton of Pathfinder releases at Gen Con 2013. Why so many, and why the urgency? I think we're seeing a big push from Paizo to get as many products launched as possible prior to the launch of D&D Next (5e). With a limited pool of gamer money to go around, Paizo is going all out to take advantage of WotC limited publishing schedule prior to the launch of 5e.

The question is, after this big push will Pathfinder have anything left in the tank? Will this tsunami of new material burn out those fans who want to have a complete collection? Is this the 1999 moment for Pathfinder?

Note: I'm not anti-Pathfinder, I'm just interested in how different Paizo is from WotC.
And the flip side is that WOTC planned for only 90 players to participate in it's premier DnD Next event. I got locked out a mere second after tickets went on sale. Very, very bad job by WOTC.   Instead, I signed up for a bunch of Pathfinder games. They seem to care about their players over at Paizo.
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