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Me and my friends all decided to start playing D&D, and we're going to play a couple of simple/short games before getting into one long adventure with a single character, so I'm trying to plan out my character as much as possible before hand!

I've always liked the idea of a spellsword/mageknight character in fantasy games; using both magic and swordplay is awesome to me, so I've been trying to focus my attention somewhere around there. I've been thinking about possibly doing a Hybrid Paladin/Warlock, but was afraid it may be too complicated. Do you think I should avoid hybrids as a new player, even after a few games? I've also been thinking about a Swordmage, but that doesn't seem as cool as a Paladin/Warlock Hybrid :P I want to have a character that could do a pretty good amount of damage, but has a little versatility to him too, you know? Which of the two do you think would be better for a new player like me?

If it's any conselation, I also made a little back story on my initial Half-Elf Paladin/Warlock. His parents were a female human Warlock and a male Elf Paladin (who was a total white-knight, lawful good type guy). They were from opposing lands, but eventually the the Elvish Paladin discovers his people were in the wrong, betrays them, and joins the human side, where he becomes close with the Human Warlock girl. I know my stories a bit weak >_> But I plan to work on it a lot harder and make it better after I know what I want to do with my character.
Generally, I would say hat hybrids, particularly that hybrid which is extremely starved of both feats and minor actions, are probably a bit OTT for a brand-new player, but if you're confident you can manage it, go for it.  Otherwise, the straight Warlock and the Hexblade are variants of the same concept.

The Swordmage occupies a different niche than you seem to be going for, on the other hand.  It's a defender class, which means it does less damage, and tends more to mitigate damage to its allies.
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Since you mentioned you are playing some shorter one-shots before starting a campaign, I am linking a bunch of premade level 1s if you and your friends are wanting to try a lot of different classes easily.
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