Does Cold Fury Ki Focus activate frostcheese

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Dear CS:

You've made it clear that frost weapons and frozen whetstones activate frostcheese.  My question is about the assassin and a ki - specifically the cold fury ki focus.  Ki of other elemental types, such as the blazing arc, make a point of having the power (fire) (free action) verbage.  But the cold fury ki has its cold power listed as attack power (cold) daily (free action).  So for the purposes of frostcheeze, does that mean the cold fury only grants frostcheese for one encounter a day until extended rest?  Or is it possible to use a cold fury ki for frostcheese each encounter? 

Thank you!
It would activate frostcheese, but only for that one attack. Basically, you hit an enemy, use the free action to immobilize it, then hit it again and deal the extra cold damage. If you have the Lasting Frost feat then the target would gain cold vulnerability. But that vulnerability would only last until the end of your next turn unless you can keep dealing cold damage. The item's daily power does not give you an encounter long or day long benefit. It affects only one attack per day.
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